We are a private limited liability company incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990.It is limited by shares.
The company is packaged to fully carry on the business of leasing, Logistics, Auto sales/Service and Manpower Management engaged in providing High Skill Operational Staff, Front Office Staff, Corporate Drivers, Dispatch riders. We also provide Vehicle hire and rental services to numerous customers across all sectors of the economy including Oil & Gas, Banking, Aviation, Insurance, Manufacturing and the productive sector.

The Company is accordingly equipped to provide the following services;
1. The transportation needs of both corporate and individual clients with economy ,efficiency and effectiveness;
2. Put highly trained and courteous corporate Staff at clients beck and call;
3. Provide sound and well maintained vehicles for uninterrupted uses and would be readily able to replace hired vehicles and drivers at     short notice, in case of break down and
4. Overall, provide all such logistics support services, necessary for the effective and efficient maintenance of operational efficiency in the     pursuit of their core business, as niche players in the emerging economy.

Maneffort will through its well articulated operation as corporate logistics managers, provide drivers, lease or hire services and rental, with invaluable benefits to prospective clients in the following ways;
1. Improved employee/productivity ratios derived from easy-to administer, sizeable payroll and manpower base
2. Be saved the embarrassment and penalties from contract staffing and labour union operatives, regarding the non-regularization of     employments of drivers and allied services personnel; i.e. you do away with the phenomenon of CONTRACT staffing.
3. Improved Assets Turnover Ratio as the company becomes able to maintain only its strategic core business and revenue yielding     assets
4. Access to well remunerated, motivated high quality and courteous drivers for enhanced operational efficiency
5. Time efficiency at logistics management as the company only has the logistics organization to relate to
6. Overall, the increased ability to concentrate on core business operations and be less bothered with auxiliary services.
    Maneffort thus stands to provide to the National economy in general, a basis for promoting sectorial efficiency for further     improvement, expansion and growth enhancement.

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